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Stack Mode Web Design Services

We are the leading web design team for businesses looking to get results. Your new website will be customized to your business’s goals, allowing you to set yourself apart from the competition and grow your business by converting website traffic into revenue.

At Stack Mode, our clients have the opportunity to work with some of the top designers and design strategies in the industry. Our experience and skill sets have paved the way for the proven strategies and best practices we live by.

Our design process involves the design and science behind what makes a website successful. Not only are we focused on delivering a unique & memorable design, we focus equally on how that design is going to convert your visitors into customers and allow you to grow your business.

How We Do It

All of our websites are built from scratch and completely customized to support and grow your business. The small things that help our clients in the long run matter to us, including clean code, responsive & accessible designs, proper semantic HTML tags, page speed, and SEO best practices.

The right web design strategy can make or break a project. Instead of focusing on design awards (for us), we stay focused on what will drive results (for you).

How Our Web Design Process Works

We start the process by learning everything about your business and understanding your goals. Before we even start designing, our team of experts begins the process by researching your competition, target audience, conversion strategies, and more.

Once we have our game plan established, we work together to establish your expectations for the project, design preferences, and any other details we need to create an amazing and effective website for your business.

At Stack Mode, you’re not hiring a web designer, you are teaming up with a group of award-winning web designers, some of the industry’s top web developers, and digital marketing experts that will work together to build your business a highly effective website that will allow your company to stand out amongst the competition and generate more business online.

What the Right Web Design Strategy Can Do for Your Business?

85% of consumers search for local businesses and services online before they ever make a purchase. If your business isn’t online generating consistent revenue, you are seriously missing out!

When it comes to website traffic, your website is your one and only sales pitch that will determine whether you end up working with the people who visit your site or not.

This means your website needs to be designed and developed with a strategy, as well as optimized to provide the results your business’s needs. At Stack Mode, we are known for producing results, and we can’t wait to do the same for your business!

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Our Web Design Services Include

We’ve helped over 300+ companies, large and small, and from various different industries.
We deliver the highesty quality on every project, ensuring maximum performance and results.

  • Web Design Service - Discovery Research Icon

    Discovery Research

    We start the process by learning everything about your business, understanding your goals, and developing a strategy that will help you achieve those goals. Before we even start the design process, our team of experts will begin by researching your competition, target audience, conversion strategies, and SEO game plan.

  • Web Design Service - Clean Code Icon

    Clean Code

    Every website we develop is built from scratch. This is only way we are able to provide the quality our clients deserve. Our developers understand the power of best practices, proper HTML semantic tags, accessibility, SEO strategies, & how these development strategies support your website's ability to rank in search engines & deliver maintainable & scalable foundation for business.

  • Web Design Service - Custom Web Design Icon

    Custom Design

    Our clients come from many different industries, their products and services speak to different target audiences, and the goals they have for their businesses are different from one another. Every project starts with a unique strategy that’s tailored to your goals and results in a custom design that puts you closer to those goals and stands out from the rest.

  • Web Design Service - Responsive Web Design Icon

    Responsive Web Design

    It’s more important than ever that your website is responsive, allowing your website visitors to comfortably view and engage with your business regardless of the device they are using. It’s important your website is built to convert traffic whether they are visiting from their desktop computer, tablet, or iPhone. Your website will be optimized for all screen sizes and devices.

  • Web Design Service - Accessible Web Design Icon

    Accessible Web Design

    Your website will be accessible to everyone, including visitors who use screen readers and other tools that are available to visitors with disabilities. This is not only the right thing to do, it keeps your company in compliance, allows your company to display a higher level of standards, and delivers the level of quality that search engines love.

  • Web Design Service - Search Engine Optimization SEO Icon

    Search Engine Optimization

    Your SEO strategy is important because it will determine whether or not your website will show to your potential customers when browsing search engines. This affects the amount of organic traffic delivered to your site and the number of opportunities you have to engage with them. Organic traffic should always be sought, and we develop every aspect of your website with SEO strategies and best practices in mind.

  • Web Design Service - High-Performance Web Design Icon


    Our best practices and ability to deliver clean code through proper HTML semantics and customized designs mean your website is going to load fast, maintain availability, and always impress your visitors. Our websites are guaranteed to clock-in with the highest performance metrics. This is not only important from the perspective of your website visitors, these are some of the key factors search...

  • Web Design Service - Website Analytics Icon

    Performance Analytics

    Our team integrates comprehensive analytics and tracking tools on your website, allowing you to monitor your performance and optimize for better results over time. Review your marketing efforts, traffic behaviors, and strategies providing the most value for your business. Your future decisions for the website are only as good as the data you have to work with, we’ll make sure you have it all.

Our Web Design Packages

Start-Up Package


Custom Design & Professionally Developed for Maximum Performance.

  • Digital Strategy Session

  • Custom Design (No Theme Templates)

  • Stock Images & Design Branding

  • Up to 8 Static Pages

  • Contact & CTA Forms

  • Check Out Cart

  • Blog Setup

  • Performance & SEO Optimized

  • High Performance Coding

  • Professional Hosting & Maintenance

  • 100% Ownership

Pay Now

Requires our Professional Hosting and Website Maintenance Plan that includes Uptime Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Daily Back-Ups, Traffic Analytics, WordPress Updates, Plugin Licensing Cost and Plugin Updates, Dynamic Legal Policies, Customer Support, and Professional Grade Security for $120/month. 1-Year Contract Required.

Professional Package

Request Quote

Advanced Design & Development Including Dynamic Pages, Custom Coding, and more.

  • Everything in Start-Up Package Plus:

  • UX Design - Wireframes

  • UI Design - Mock-Ups

  • Dynamic Content, Pages, & Templates

  • Advanced Forms & Integrations

  • Multiple Business Locations

  • Multi-Blog Setup

  • Performance & SEO Optimized

  • Advanced Custom Coding

  • Enterprise Hosting & Maintenance

  • Priority Support

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Requires our Professional Hosting and Website Maintenance Plan that includes Uptime Monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Daily Back-Ups, Traffic Analytics, WordPress Updates, Plugin Licensing Cost and Plugin Updates, Dynamic Legal Policies, Customer Support, and Enterprise Grade Security for $120/month. 1-Year Contract Required.

Our Web Design Process Explained

  • Disovery Research

    This is the first step in every web design project and could arguably be considered the most important. During this stage, our research determines how the future website will best serve the demands and goals of your business and its consumers. Without the Discovery phase, there is no strategy, we make sure your business is setup for success from the very beginning.

    Our discovery research includes the goals for your new website, target audiences, competitor research, design concepts, as well as conversion and digital marketing strategies that will be built into your new website.

    The Discovery stage gives our team all of the valuable information we need to deliver an amazing website that will go to work for your business for many years to come.

    Web Design Process - Discovery Research Graphic
  • UX Design

    UX stands for User Experience, this stage is all about understanding your future website visitors and designing a website that is going to speak their language and convert them into customers.

    During the UX design process, our design team works on low-fidelity prototypes, these are also called wireframes. These wireframes are the foundation to your website and are designed to support your company’s digital marketing strategy. One way to look at these prototypes is, if you were building a house, these wireframes would be the architectural plans that give the construction team the specifications they need to get the job done right, without them, there is no strategy and you can’t expect a well-built home.

    The right UX Design strategy can easily triple your websites performance rate and any business looking to get great results from their new website should be looking at wireframes before the development process begins.

    Web Design Process - UX Design Graphic
  • UI Design

    UI Design stands for User Interface. This is where the research, strategy, and careful planning start to come to life and the visual design comes together. The design team carefully considers things like colors, graphics, typography, and more.

    If the UX Design can be looked at like the architectural plans, the UI design should be compared to selecting the paint colors, furniture, and finishes of the home.

    The truth is, most web designers skip this process and jump right into the development phase, of course the project will get done a little faster and the client is much less involved. This process is not only important because it supports the development of a highly-effective website, this phase gives the client the opportunity to get involved and be a part of the design process before the website gets developed without the client knowing anything about what to expect or how the website is going to represent and support their business.

    Web Design Process - UI Design Graphic
  • Website Development

    Believe it or not, web design & web development are 2 completely different aspects of building an effective website for any business. Everything you have read up to this point on this page is design related, this is the stage many people think of when they think of web design.

    The other side of the process is called web development, this is where the research, strategy, and design work are handed over to the development team to build and code an amazing new website for your business.

    Not all development teams are created equal, we pride ourselves on delivering a level of quality that goes to work for your business. This includes things like delivering clean code, a responsive and accessible website, and all kinds of SEO best practices that will set your website up for success from the very beginning.

    You can learn more about our Web Development process here.

    Web Design Process - Web Development Graphic
  • Website Maintenance

    Every effective website is a living, breathing thing. Websites that produce results require consistent monitoring, optimization, and management to ensure everything continues performing at it’s maximum potential. Businesses that are successful online know you can’t just “set it and forget it”.

    Our maintenance plans are not only affordable, they provide a ton of value to your new website and business. Your website will have it’s own dedicated hosting environment, meaning you won’t have to share resources with other businesses or worry about performance issues.

    Other features in our maintenance plans include daily backups, daily site scans, WordPress updates, plugin updates & licensing renewals, website security, traffic analytics, SEO performance monitoring, and more.

    Web Design Process - Website Maintenance Graphic

We Do More Than Just Web Design

  • Web Design Agency - Web Design Services

    Web Design

    Our expert UX & UI design team will deliver the perfect design and strategy to help you stand out from the competition and consistently convert your website traffic into paying customers.

  • Web Design Agency - Web Development Services

    Web Development

    Developed from scratch for maximum performance. Delivering unmatched results due to our clean code, responsive development, SEO best practices, and proven strategies.

  • Web Design Agency - Search Engine Optimization Services

    Search Engine Optimization

    Take over your local market with proven and reliable SEO strategies that go to work for your business and put your services in front of your customers when they are most-ready to buy.

  • Web Design Agency - Facebook Advertising Services

    Facebook Ads Management

    Allow your customers to engage with your business and build brand awareness by advertising your business on the largest social media network in the world.

  • Web Design Agency - Google Advertising Services

    Google Ads Management

    Generate sales by utilizing the power of Google Search and its powerful Display Network. Put your business in front of your customers when they need your services most.

  • Web Design Agency - Custom CRM Services

    Custom CRM Solutions

    Convert more leads and close more deals with a tailored CRM solution that’s 100% customized and automated to support your processes, marketing goals, and sales strategy 24/7.

Web Design Services Process Explained Image

Understanding the Web Design Process

Most business owners understand the benefits an effective website can provide, but most people don’t understand exactly what goes into building a new website for their business. In fact, many people actually believe that web design & web development are the same thing when, in reality, these 2 aspects of creating a website are very different from each other, and each of them has a vital role in developing a website that is going to produce results for your business for many years to come.

Web Design refers to all of the pre-development stages of building a new website. The web design process involves extensive research into user experiences and how to create the perfect interface for your target audience. This includes discovery research, low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, as well as prototyping & testing to ensure the right strategy is in place before the development process begins.

As with any business, there are different levels of services and products available. If you are considering having a new website built for your business, it’s essential to understand that developing a website without going through the design process is similar to building a house with no construction plans. Without the proper plans (strategy), you can’t expect things to be built exactly the way you need them to be.

Additionally, not only will your project have no strategy, you will have no way of being involved in the development process because everything is being built with no plans, wireframes, or mock-ups. This puts you (the client) at a disadvantage and, even if you are saving money, you can’t expect to get the results you set out to get and will have drastically hurt your chances of seeing any sort of return on your investment into your new website.

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New Website

If your business doesn’t already have a website, equipping your business with a high-quality website is going to drastically change the results you are getting. From start to finish, we make sure your business is set up for success from the very beginning.

Website Re-Design

If you already have a website and you’re not getting the results you set out to achieve, that all changes when you partner with Stack Mode. We’ll research your current marketing efforts and put a strategy together that will take your business to the next level.

Why You Should Partner with Stack Mode on Your Web Design Project

Your website is your sales pitch. In many cases, it’s your one and only shot to get your website visitor to interact with your business. Developing an effective website involves much more than dragging and dropping pictures and text. Your website’s design and layout needs a strategy that will convert your web traffic into revenue for your business.

Your design should stand out amongst your competition. Your website performance should excel and keep sales coming in. Your content should guide and encourage your visitors to do business with you. Your website’s code should communicate with search engines well, deliver a responsive & accessible design, as well as load fast and without critical errors. Your analytics should be professionally setup because any marketing professional will tell you there is just no way to track results and optimize your marketing efforts without that.

If you are planning on continuous marketing efforts and/or advertising (you should be), your website will be seen by your potential customers every day. It’s of the most importance that your website is built to convert traffic to ensure your marketing efforts are effective and deliver positive results.

Not all web design agencies are created equal, partnering with Stack Mode means equipping your business with the best.

Stack Mode Web Design Team Image

Our Philosophy

When it comes to web design, we not only look at the design of a website, we dive deeper to understand the science behind what makes a design effective for each of our clients.

We love building websites that stand out from the competition and delivering an unmatched online presence for our clients, but our goal isn’t to earndesign awards, we stick to our best practices and focus heavily on what is going to produce results for your business.

We Must Be Doing Something Right!

We pride ourselves on delivering 5-star quality and service on every project.

All of our reviews are publicly available on 3rd party review platforms.

  • Absolutely could not be more impressed with this company. They took my idea, created an amazing website, and provided exceptional customer service. Very moder, clean, and professional design.

    Web Design Service Review - Client Chad G. Avatar

    Chad G.

    Bio Sealed

    Web Design Company Review Quote Icon
  • Great work on our website and very good with communication. It's great to have a team you can count on. We highly recommend working with Stack Mode Marketing Group!

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    Web Design Service Review - Client Darik M. Avatar

    Darik M.

    Booked Out

  • Stack Mode Marketing Group helped Black Eagle Consulting, Inc. build a brand new website. They were very helpful, accommodating, knowledgeable, and quick to respond! Thank you Stack Mode!!

    Web Design Company Review Quote Icon
    Web Design Service Review - Client Samantha S. Avatar

    Samantha S.

    Black Eagle Consulting

Delivering the Highest Quality Websites for Over 10 Years

  • Web Design Services for NNCEPP
  • Web Design Services for Bio Sealed
  • Web Design Services for Myan Management Group
  • Web Design Services for Kramer Properties
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Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

All of our reviews are publicly available on 3rd party review platforms. We pride ourselves on delivering 5-star quality and service on every project.

  • How Does Web Design Help Businesses?

    First impressions can be everything in the business world, and approximately 94% of impressions are related to the design of your website. Good website design will not only help you get past that first impression hurdle, but also help nurture leads and get more conversions. But above all, people are more likely to return to your website if they find it appealing and easy to use.

  • What Are the Advantages of Creating a Website for Your Business?

    There are multiple benefits to having a properly designed website for your business. These benefits include the following:

    • Increase your online presence: your website is a way for people to do business with you at any time, and from anywhere.
    • Provide information to your customers: your website can be a useful channel to inform your customers about your product and business. You can list product information, business hours, contact info, and much more.
    • Increase your credibility: these days people expect businesses to have a website, and lacking any kind of online presence would be detrimental to your business’s credibility.
    • Cut costs: If you sell directly through your website, you can cut out the costs of large “brick-and-mortar” operations.
    • Expand your reach: a website allows you to increase your reach beyond geographical borders.
    • Learn more about your customers: You can use your website to gather data on your users to learn more about what they are interested in. This can help you evolve your brand more effectively.
    • Advertise: Your website can be a way to build brand awareness more effectively than with traditional offline advertising forms.
    • Rise up to your competitors: If your competitors have a website, then you need one. And if they don’t, then you’ll have an advantage over them by having one.
    • Provide better service: You can provide helpful product information and customer service through your website.
    • Grow faster: your website will be a central location for customers and investors, helping you show what your business is about and generally helping you grow faster.
  • What Are the Elements of a Good Website Design?

    While website design is a complex endeavor, there are 5 elements that any good website must have. These elements are:

    • Usability: While a design that feels great to use won’t always be noticed, people will be immediately put off by a badly designed website. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, intuitive, and mobile-friendly.
    • Aesthetics: you want a website that holds a consistent brand image throughout all channels (whether it’s a mobile device or a PC). But more than that, you’ll want a website that’s visually appealing and makes people interested.
    • Visibility: all the good design of the world is pointless if there’s no one around to see it. Your website must adopt SEO strategies to ensure it is found organically.
    • Interaction: your website isn’t just for show, it must engage your audience, hold their attention, and direct them to where you need them to be.
    • Content: While content isn’t the first pillar of website design, it’s nonetheless an important element. Content is one of the ways you can increase visibility through SEO, and it also increases organic traffic and keeps your customers coming back for more.
  • What Is the Main Purpose of Designing a Website?
    While each business will have a particular purpose for designing a website, we can generally categorize them under three goals: awareness, sales, and information. Good website design is what helps you accomplish the goals of your website, no matter what they may be.
  • How Does Web Design Impacts Content Marketing?
    The design of your website impacts the perception of your customers, and as such has a direct effect on your marketing, including your content marketing. Good website design can increase the usability of your website, making it easier to access and enjoy said content.

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