5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Designing Their Logo

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Logo Design Fails: Avoid These 5 Costly Mistakes when it comes to designing your logo. Discover how businesses unknowingly sabotage their brand identity and how to steer clear of these pitfalls when designing a logo.

When you think about your business, what do you see? The logo is the first thing people will identify with. It has to convey who you are as a company and set the tone for everything else that follows it. Creating a successful logo isn’t an easy task, but there are some common pitfalls to avoid when designing one. Take a close look at the our recommendations before you start your logo design project.

1. Choosing a logo that doesn’t represent your company accurately

You can’t afford to create a logo that doesn’t accurately represent your company because it will send the wrong message. If you run an accounting firm, make sure you don’t use a picture of an airplane in your logo, or people might think you’re an aviation business when they see your sign on the highway. If you own a real estate company, it would be wise to hire a firm with real estate Web Design Services in Reno or any other locale. An excellent way to make sure the logo represents your business correctly is to have it mocked up in various stages of completion. This will give you an idea of how it looks with and without color, if it’s easy to read, and what feeling it generates.

2. Not Getting Feedback from Their Target Audience

When you ask your friends and family about your logo, do they focus on its appearance or how much they love the design? More likely than not, people are going to tell you that they love it. They’re biased – they want to be supportive! So if you’re only getting feedback from people close to you, your logo might not be as good as you think it is.

Putting together a survey can help you get more unbiased feedback and learn about the perceptions of your logo from a broader range of people. In the end, though, don’t always trust surveys because sometimes they don’t reflect reality. When you gather feedback, focus on positive and negative results. But also remember that what people say is not always what people do – so take surveys with a grain of salt.

3. Not Focusing on the Logo’s Meaning

A logo is a visual representation of the company as a whole. And just like the company itself, it should convey a defined message and purpose. When designing your logo, make sure you understand what that meaning is and how your customers will interpret that. The colors used and the shapes designed within your logo all tell a story. In addition to understanding that your logo itself tells a story, also understand the story behind the logo. Some companies choose colors and shapes that they like without thinking about what those choices represent in their industry or company culture. If you are not careful with your design selection, you might end up with something unintended and costly (budget-wise and reputation-wise). If you want your logo done right, you can enlist the services of a real estate web development company in Reno like Stack Mode Marketing Group.

4. Designing a Logo That is Too Busy or Complicated

Your logo is the centerpiece of your brand. It’s what people will see first, and it represents the flavor of your overall business. You don’t want to over-complicate this step by trying to cram too much into an image that isn’t designed to hold more than a few simple elements. You also don’t want overly busy logos to the point where they become almost illegible.

This is a point that’s especially important now when businesses have to compete for attention with the avalanche of content and advertisements we’re all exposed to every day. If your logo is too complicated, people are likely to miss it altogether.

On the other hand, you don’t want your logo looking like something designed by a toddler using Microsoft Paint. You need a professional look that will attract customers and present your business as a modern, capable, and trustworthy entity in the marketplace. If you want a professional logo created, one great way is to hire a well-respected company with real estate Web Development Services in Reno, like the Stack Mode Marketing Group.

5. Focusing on Color and Not the Message

How do colors make you feel? Pretty darn good, right? They lighten your mood and brighten any room. But when it comes to branding your business, keep the focus on what matters most: Your message. The best logos represent a company’s mission, values, vision, and just about everything else that distinguishes them.

Beyond that, it can be helpful to create a color palette for your brand logo. After you’ve narrowed down what colors should be associated with your business and have designed a logo around one of the colors, stick with it throughout all of your branding pieces—from social media images to print ads. A real estate web design company in Reno can help make sure that your color palette is consistent across your design.

How Crucial is a Logo to a Business?

Having a good logo is vital to any business. Having a bad or unmemorable logo can ruin your chances of having customers remember you and your products in the future. A logo should be unique, memorable, and related to what the business produces. It’s not just something nice to have; it’s something that can help make or break a business. Without a good logo, a business may be passed up even if its products are excellent. If you want a memorable logo designed for your company, you can contact Stack Mode Marketing Group today!

Aspects of a Good Logo Design

There are a few critical aspects of a good logo design. One is that it should be unique and memorable. A flat design with no color or uniqueness will likely not be recognized by customers in the future if they see it on a different product, which can hurt your chances of making sales. Customers who remember products that have stand-out designs and products that do not stick out may have problems getting them to remember the product’s name, which it is typically labeled with.

Another critical aspect of a good logo design is that it should be related to what the business produces. For example, suppose you are a car dealership selling used cars. In that case, your logo should connect to cars somehow to be memorable for customers and not confusing. A car-related logo should be used because it’s something people already know about and are comfortable with, so they won’t be confused about the business’s products. This can also promote brand recognition which is very important for just about every industry. People will recognize your logo and may associate your business with the products you make, which can help move your business a long way.

Lastly, a good logo should be easy to recognize and read. A logo design should do its best to stand out without causing too much confusion. This means designing something readable, so customers know exactly what your company name is at first glance but also designing it in a way that makes it stand out and be recognized as unique. If the business name is hard to read or if customers have to spend too much time looking at the logo, your company may lose sales because they’re just not willing to put forth that much effort just for a company they don’t know anything about.

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