Understanding the Importance of GMB for Your Business

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GMB for Your Business: Unravel the significance of Google My Business in our latest blog post, as we reveal how this essential tool can elevate your local online presence.

Google My Business is a digital marketing strategy offered by Google where businesses can manage their online presence, allowing them to provide a short profile that potential clients can view.

You may have probably searched for “web design companies near me” in the past, and with that, Google gives you the top three relevant companies within a certain radius of your location, and that is how GMB listings work. The top three companies that Google displays are based on an algorithm that factors relevance, distance, and prominence.

A GMB listing is a short amount of text, but it contains essential information such as your company’s name, address, phone number, business hours, links to a website (if present), reviews, and photos. A GMB listing is like an online phone book, and the information it contains is just what the client needs if he is interested in availing of your services.

85% of consumers search for local businesses online. If you still don’t have an online presence, a GMB listing is a necessity! You can use GMB listings to start up your digital marketing journey, then move up to having a website sometime later. Here are some reasons why it is important to have GMB.

1. Increase Your Online Presence

GMB listings improve your search visibility as it allows users easier access to information. When you search for something, GMB listings are shown first on the webpage, then the websites after. Many customers strike their first interactions with a company via GMB listings. Online users may be in a hurry to access information, so most of the time, only the GMB listings are viewed rather than the websites. If you do not have a GMB listing, you miss out on your chances of your services being viewed and considered by a client!

2. Gain Credibility

Many people trust Google to provide them with accurate information on many subjects, so having your information put up in a listing increases your credibility as well. GMB allows past customers to write reviews about your company, and if these reviews are good, Google will give you a great rating that will boost your competitive edge and help you gain customers.

3. Increased Interaction and Engagement With Customers

Google allows you to respond to customer reviews and answer other queries through the question and answer feature. You can also put updates and post stories and media that people can respond to. Interaction with customers is essential in building recognition, trust, and loyalty for your brand. Every chance at interaction is also a chance for conversion.

4. Opportunity for Improvement

The reviews and interaction with customers will allow you to learn more about your business from a customer’s perspective. Google also allows one to see your monthly statistics regarding your listing regarding views and clicks, and you can learn from that as well.

5. Stand Out

GMB listings are short amounts of content, but you can stand out against your other competitors in search results if you optimize them. Remember that Google displays the top 3 businesses automatically when searching? You can exploit that benefit with the right marketing strategies and some SEO and have increased chances of getting picked by customers.

It is essential that you pour a lot of time and effort into setting up a GMB listing and optimizing it. Here at Stack Mode, we can relieve you from the anxiety of starting up a GMB list and save you time and effort in managing your listing. With Stack Mode’s GMB service package, our team of experienced marketers can help in setting up your GMB list and then have it optimized, managed, and maintained. Contact us now and start reaping the benefits!

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