10 Website Optimization Tips

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Supercharge Your Online Presence: 10 Essential Website Optimization Tips. Unlock the secrets to maximizing your website's performance and captivating your audience.

Speaking of website optimization, there is a great deal you can do to get more traffic, boost your sales and be at the top of your game. Therefore, learning how to optimize your website is important for your site’s long-term success. It will warrant that your website is working as powerfully as it should.

We would hate for you to miss out on awesome website optimization techniques and simple tweaks that can make a distinction between 5 website views and 50,000 website views.

Remember that the internet is a dynamic industry to work in and as website runners and online businesses, we face the risk of lagging. That said, we will specify ten website optimization tricks and tips you should definitely try to keep you ahead of your competition.

What is Website Optimization?

Website optimization is how you enhance your website so that it works successfully. It encompasses all the marketing and technical strategies to get more traffic, interact with visitors and turn them into your clients using a properly structured method that meets your predefined goals.

There are so many constituent categories of website optimization and in reality; the concept is so massive that it encircles many professions and skills needed to take the necessary corrective and website optimization efforts.

From web design to development and from SEO to display speed, website optimization takes a three-step approach namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO), optimization technical performance and optimizing conversion and user experience.

Simply put, you can’t get traffic if it is unqualified and if your web designer cannot convert it. On the other hand, a technically optimized site will be irrelevant if it doesn’t get qualified traffic.

How to Optimize Your Website in 10 Easy Steps

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

SEO should be at the top of your investment list if you want to raise traffic to your site. There are millions of other websites to compete with and you have to work hard to be the best of the best.

One way to remain a step ahead of the competition is by getting clued on the best SEO tools and techniques.

Hence, when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines:

  • Do your keyword search homework.
  • Correct broken links.
  • Decrease bounce rate.
  • Include sitemap.
  • Boost page speed.
  • Ensure your pages consist of at least 2000 words.
  • Acquire more back links.

SEO isn’t only about kick-ass content but also about the user-friendliness of your website. It makes perfect sense, the more sophisticated your website is, the more Google desires to link you.

2. Provide Exemplary Customer Delivery

Great customer service pays off in numerous ways. First, if your client delivery is commendable, customers will buy more of your products and recommend your services to others.

Second, customers are less likely to cancel requests or ask for refunds if they have nothing to complain about.

Third, amazing customer service increases your conversion rate. For example, if a client has to inquire about your services, they’ll want to reach out to you and expect an immediate response, not wait for days. Given two options, more clients prefer purchasing from a company with live support.

Stack Mode Marketing Group offers live chat, email support and round on the clock messaging services. We offer web design services that ensure you are happy 24/7!

3. Decrease Your Website Bounce Rate

Your website bounce rate is the rate of visitors who quit your website without viewing more than one page. The more curtailed your bounce rate, the better for your site.

The following are more of our picks to help get you started:

  • Ensure readability.
  • Foster website speed.
  • Improve your posts’ featured images.
  • Update your content.
  • Reduce adverts.
  • Interlink blog posts.
  • Assess various anchor text for website navigation.
  • Include related or prominent posts at the bottom of your articles.
  • Rearrange posts on the category page section to display the most viewed.

Improving your bounce rate will also greatly aid your SEO.

4. Improve Your Website Speed

Increasing your website speed will have a positive impact on search engine ratings and conversions.

Funny enough, so many people create new pages and posts every day without thinking twice about how their site is functioning in speed. This is a serious issue and it is very important we help you tackle it if your website is running at a snail’s pace.

Sure enough many of you have dealt with websites that took ages to load before only to give up and search for another website. If you’ve clicked the ‘back’ button on a website before, what makes you think that your visitors won’t follow suit if your site is super slow?

Remember, Stack Mode isn’t only a web design company but we also offer a wide range of other services including getting to the root cause of a slow running website and helping it to run faster.

5. Update Your Website Frequently

Consistently upgrading your website will greatly enhance your search engine rankings, increase your conversions and lessen your bounce rate.

Only a small percentage of visitors will be interested in reading content that was relevant in the 1990s. No one wants to buy an outdated product either.

Visitors that come to your site want to be convinced that your website is the best and it is worth looking into. So make it worth their while.

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when updating your website:

  • Create fresh blog content.
  • Indicate dates in posts.
  • Repair broken links.
  • Copyright date.
  • Upgrade social media accounts.

6. Conduct a Split Test on Your Conversion-Generating Pages

Because split testing is mostly reserved for advanced bloggers and website owners, this topic can overwhelm newbies, leaving them confused in a pool of supposedly helpful information. So we will explain in the simplest way possible because we want you to succeed.

Split testing is much like conducting a controlled experiment to improve a website metric such as form completions, purchases or clicks. Split testing is often used to evaluate changes to registration pages, signup forms calls to action and any other website component where a quantifiable goal can be fostered.

You can change nearly every element within your web pages for a split test including:

  • Layout: the setup and size of buttons, forms and menus.
  • Visual elements such as colors, pictures and videos.
  • Text: descriptions, headlines and calls to action.
  • Visitor flow: how a visitor interacts with your pages.

Here are a few simple split testing practices to begin with:

  • Home in on the call to action: This text conforms differently to the type of audience.
  • Removing some page elements: Fewer elements offer fewer distractions from the conversion intention.
  • Offer symmetric and coherent experiences: Create steady test changes throughout the user flow to enhance conversions at each stage of the process.

So what does split testing accomplish? It helps you assess conflicting opinions and your site visitors will indirectly guide your final choice on the best design.

7. Track and Analyze Your Traffic

Again this is something a lot of website owners take for granted or fail to understand its essence. Tracking and analyzing can open doors for your website or blog in surplus ways, all of which earn you a huge deal of income.

Do you know how many times visitors click on your website’s pages? Which is the most clicked page? How long does the average user of your website access your content? If you have no clue how to answer these questions, then how can you know the direction your business is heading and most importantly where are you going wrong?

Tracking and analyzing your website gives you a clue on what you are doing wrong thus changing your strategy until the problem is resolved.

Google Analytics offers a plethora of benefits when it comes to setting up goals to measure and improve your website performance. These goals are your website conversions in the form of email signups, sales, video watching, leads and more. You can then measure how effective your online marketing is using these goals and whether you are getting a return on any advertising incurred.

8. Polish Up Your Website Filter

You may be tempted to create an intricate website thinking it looks sophisticated but no one wants to wander through a website like a treasure hunt game where they have to keep guessing and searching for clues.

When a user visits your website, you want to guide them through an incredible tour that prompts them to effortlessly click from one page to another.

Here is an example of what we mean:

Home page -> Learn about us -> Services page -> Solutions page -> Blog post -> Related blog post -> Contact page.

The goal is to get your visitors to engage with your website without leaving. It is important to scheme out how you want your visitors to maneuver through your website and ensure that every page is optimized for what you want to achieve.

9. Have a Killer Website Design

A huge chunk of website optimization comes from improving your web design. It is right next to SEO. Though SEO does most of the work by bringing traffic to your site, the design is equally important.

Just imagine clicking on a top-listed result on Google for one of your searches only to find out that the web layout is unappealing! You immediately click the ‘back’ button and search for something else.

If you suspect that your visitors are doing the same, you can always reach out to us and we will assign you to our five-star web designer who will revamp your website from top to bottom. You must try to stand out from the crowd with a breathtaking web design that makes you the shepherd rather than the sheep.

10. Revise Your Website Content

Truly content is king! Remember that creating articles isn’t just about churning post after post. It is about solving issues that people have or offering ways to meet their needs, inspiring them or showing them stumbling blocks they can avoid.

Awesome website content should appeal to the crowd, whether it will involve adding some images, videos or audio files on your posts.

However, sometimes fresh blog ideas are hard to come by no matter how hard you crack your head. It’s not that you’ve lost your touch or that you care any less about your website but we all run out of things to say at times.

If you hit rock bottom, the best web design company in Reno, Stack Mode gladly steps in to remedy this situation. Our creative content creators can help you write eye-catching content that will keep your visitors hitting the ‘click’ button.


These are 10 actionable tips to help you get the most out of your website. We certainly hope these tips will help you massively increase your website traffic.

Let us know which website optimization tip(s) made a tremendous impact on your site. And if you have other honorary mentions we are more than happy to hear them.

Call on Stack Mode Marketing Group for the ultimate website optimization and any other web design services.

Go big or go home- that’s our motto!

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