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Europe Revealed is the ultimate European travel website providing a simple one-stop resource for all of your Euro Traveling needs. Their goal is to deliver a wealth of engaging, educational, and interesting content to make sure you get the most our of your European trip. Everything you need to know about visiting Europe is available for you and has been masterfully pieced together through thousands of research hours and with years of field experience. Whether you are traveling Europe or planning your next trip, Europe Revealed is one resource that you should not miss out on!

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When we started working on the Europe Revealed project, there was not website in place as this business was getting ready to take years of hard work and bring their business to life with a new website. The project involved taking 278 pages, or 66,800 words, and organizing and displaying that content on their new website in a way that would not only engage their visitors, but allow them to find the information they were looking for.

This was another one of those projects that was so much fun to work on because of the opportunity it gave us to learn all about Europe and the different aspects of traveling the area. This wasn't just some information that a writer put together, all of the information was put together by a guy who actually spent years of his life living it, which made it so much more interesting.

All of the content that was delivered to us before the project started was our client's hard work. The content was created from his experiences and was carefully put together with the idea that a business would be created from his passion of European travel and culture. It was important to us that we helped bring this business to life in a way that that would allow the right technology to support the business, as well as provide the look and feel that our client had always envisioned.

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Web Design & Development Project for Europe Revealed

The Results

Because of how much data and content this website would be responsible for hosting, we immediately knew that a content management system like WordPress would be the best choice for this project. There was a lot of content to incorporate into the new site and nearly all of it had to be accompanied with engaging photos, custom tables, or other visuals to help support the content.

Our copywriting experts were able to successfully review the content and find opportunities for additional content or content updates. Meanwhile, our development team got to work on all of the different custom functionality that needed to be developed to successfully host all of the content. Custom functionality was developed to host aspects like related articles, flights, cruises, lodging, photo galleries, and so much more.

The end result was not only an amazing new site that successfully displayed all of the content our client had created over the years, but also a back-end system that would allow our client to easily manage and add content to his website without having to worry about building new pages or understand any of the code that was used to build the application.

This project was a lot of fun to be a part of, not only were the subject and content so much fun to learn about, it was an amazing process to see someones years of hard work and creating content come to life visually with a custom-designed website that we hope will support this business for many years to come.
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