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Northern Nevada Covid-19 Eviction Prevention Program

NNCEPP (Northern Nevada Covid-19 Eviction Prevention Program) was funded and organized by the City of Sparks and entered the rental environment at a time when it was needed most. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the City of Sparks immediately sought to help both landlords and tenants by providing mediation services that would go on to successfully help landlords and tenants navigate some of the unique struggles the pandemic had created.

The program was led by T. Tran, one of the areas most successful property management professionals, her experience working with tenants and landlords made her the perfect candidate for the role of keeping tenants in their houses and landlords collecting the funds they needed to survive. From the moment we heard about this program, we knew we wanted to be involved, and it was an honor to have been given the opportunity.

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Northern Nevada Covid-19 Eviction Prevention Program

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When we were approached about helping with this important project, we knew right away that we wanted to be involved. We also knew that there would be some very custom development that would have to go into this project to ensure the team responsible for helping a community of tenants and landlords had everything they needed to operate efficiently and be able to focus on areas the community needed them most.

The program was launched and we were contacted about the project, before we got to work we learned that there was a very tight deadline, this is something we could understand and happily took on the challenge because this program was being put in place quickly to help people who needed it the most. Because the City of Sparks approved this program to launch, it was not a program that existed before, so we were tasked with helping create the technology that would allow this organization to open their doors and start providing their services.

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Web Design & Development Project for NNCEPP

The Results

The website was developed to handle lots of traffic. With the pandemic in full effect, the last thing we wanted was to create technology that ran into issues or caused delays in people getting the help they needed. We started the process by helping develop the brand, from the logo to the design of the forms they would go on to use to intake the flow of people signing up for their services.

The website was developed in a way that not only had all the information on the services NNCEPP was there to provide, it was important that there was an abundance of resources built into the site so people could quickly get access to accurate information that would assist them with where they were at in the process. The website was built to handle different languages, all of the content that was on the site could quickly be switched to the users native language so that language was not a barrier. There were also many resourceful links and flyers integrated into the site as well.

In addition to developing the website, we also developed a custom CRM solution that would migrate the data that was being submitted through the forms on the website into a system that could then be used to handle the entire process, from start to finish. The CRM allowed NNCEPP to collect all the information they needed in a centralized and secure location, as well as accurately track each case throughout the duration of the process. We also setup the phone system, email integrations, and various other tools that would allow them to operate efficiently.

To this day, this was one of the most important projects we had the opportunity to be a part of. It was a pleasure working with NNCEPP, they are great people who quickly got to work in an effort to help their community!
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T. Tran
Northern Nevada Covid-19 Eviction Prevention Program
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