Why Oxygen Builder is the #1 Choice for Expert Developers

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Discover how our Oxygen developers craft high-quality websites that deliver exceptional results, from blazing-fast performance to unmatched customization options. Unleash your business's full potential with Oxygen Builder!

At this point, all businesses know the importance of a good website. WordPress remains the most popular website hosting for businesses. WordPress accounts for over 65% of all websites on the web with an identifiable CMS (Content Management System).

WordPress is a paradise for a person with limited or no technical coding knowledge. However, as you continue to build your business, you may find that WordPress doesn’t provide a lot of room for customization without genuinely understanding the core files, third-party builder capabilities, coding strategies, or how to effectively take advantage of all the capabilities within a CMS or, more specifically, WordPress’s CMS.

That’s where our Oxygen developers come in. At Stack Mode, we’ve proudly chosen Oxygen Builder as the tool that we use to deliver the highest quality websites. With Oxygen Builder, we can build a website that takes your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to build a small business website or a worldwide e-commerce store, Oxygen Builder provides a professional set of tools that can help you get the best possible results on any web design project.

Speed, efficiency, performance, and that coveted 1st page on Google are within reach with Oxygen Builder. All you need is the right people and development tools in your corner.

Introducing Oxygen Builder

Oxygen Builder Interface

In a sea of web development strategies and tools, Oxygen Builder rises above. It isn't like any website builder or WordPress tool you've seen before. It's fast, flexible, and clean, and gives you limitless possibilities. Unlike the never-ending number of pre-made themes and “drag and drop” builders, Oxygen provides a blank canvas for developers to build the perfect website for just about any business.

But what is Oxygen Builder? Oxygen Builder is a development tool geared toward businesses of all types and sizes. It is a WordPress page builder, unlike any other builder, which breaks all the conventional practices. Oxygen's builder is geared towards developers with the need for advanced customization, the ability to code custom solutions, and professionals concerned less about quick & easy, and more so about development best practices that will ensure development projects have the highest chances of success.

It's not a theme, and it doesn't have a limited scope. Oxygen Builder is a plugin that actually disables all themes. It gives you a blank slate to work from, so you can design and develop to your heart's content. With pre-made themes, you are not only limited to the features built into the theme, but you are also stuck with poor performance rates if the theme has not been professionally developed, which seems to be the case more often than not.

So why isn’t Oxygen Builder the #1 builder available? That’s because it’s geared towards advanced developers and requires a proper understanding of development best practices, coding expertise, and enough design skills to pair quality code with a fantastic design that generates more sales. Oxygen Builder isn’t like the popular page builders used by the masses. In fact, despite its power, it’s nowhere near the most-used page builder due to its complexities and the expertise required to develop websites using Oxygen Builder and get the most out of it. Creating nicely designed websites takes much more work than dragging and dropping some pre-made elements, but the result is a much more powerful website designed to deliver results.

How Does Oxygen Builder Work for Oxygen Developers?

It's a fact that effective web development can help any business stay ahead of the competition and increase sales and revenue. Because of this, it's always worth investing in the right tools, skills, and people. It’s not only crucial for a business to get this right, but it’s also most beneficial to get this right from the beginning to save you the time and cost of having to scrap the poor quality site you initially started with, just so that you can start the process over with a powerful tool like Oxygen Builder that will allow you to equip your business with a website that is going to help you grow your business. Oxygen Builder crushes the competition. It’s not even close, so not using Oxygen Builder leaves efficiency and quality on the table.

Oxygen Builder gives you total power during the development process. If you know how to make the most of it, you'll have complete control every step of the way. From the design to the performance of your website, or the conversion strategies to the SEO best practices, Oxygen Builder gives Oxygen developers complete control.

What do we mean by that? Oxygen Builder is so customizable that you can turn everything off if you like it. This is how we start every web development project we deliver. You can strip everything down to nothing but a blank page, free to code and shape it into whatever you want. This provides a blank slate that Oxygen developers can use to build custom and high-performance websites that will generate results for any business.

As a web development tool, Oxygen Builder allows you to customize your usage based on your skill level. Oxygen Builder is an easy tool to access, but it's hard to master, so brushing up on some web skills is mandatory if you want to take your WordPress website to the next level with Oxygen Builder. To get the best out of Oxygen Builder, you should know some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To take things even further, it also helps to understand WordPress core files, PHP, MySQL, and how to select and optimize a hosting platform that has the tools that will allow you to get the most out of the high-performance website.

No Templates, No "Drag and Drop", and No Pre-Made Layouts with Oxygen Builder

The average web design company loves WordPress due to its many themes and features. With some tweaking, this cuts down on work and can look as unique as if you did it yourself. Of course, this is a common strategy for many web designers because it provides the ability to quickly deliver a nice-looking website. As convenient as this is, Stack Mode takes a different approach.

The problem with WordPress themes, templates, and layouts is that, in most cases, they're mega-bloated. They aren't designed to work on your website, but on all websites that use WordPress. This enforced compatibility allows tons of inefficiencies and messy code to sneak in.

Because of this, many standard drag-and-drop builders are slow and frustrating to work with. This all contributes to making the experience janky and slow. This is true both during development and for your visitors once your website goes live.

Pages will have a slow loading time, and you'll notice improper inputs. This can cause some frustration between both developers and users who visit your website. Studies show that the ideal loading time for websites is 1-2 seconds, and if your page doesn't load fast enough, you'll have an increased bounce rate. In addition to the poor usability the majority of WordPress builders provide, these important metrics have a significant part in how well your business’s website performs with search engines and advertising platforms. This means a bloated website can quickly kill any chances of success, regardless of the design.

We love WordPress and the power it gives developers, but all these extra features can be problematic. Many WordPress add-ons have compatibility issues with each other. This results in amateur developers using pre-built themes and plugins built with conflicting code to hold the website together, but it doesn't result in peak performance or optimal results.

We use Oxygen website builder to cut through all of that. We turn all these unnecessary features off. Doing this lets us work from scratch to custom-build the best website our client could wish for. Instead of searching for another plugin that can incorporate the unique features our clients are looking to include on their website, Oxygen Builder provides Oxygen developers with the perfect platform to custom code advanced features that not only function great, but allows the website to clock in with the highest performance metrics and ensures the highest possible results because the time was taken to code and do things the right way.

Clean Code Never Felt So Good for Oxygen Developers

A surprisingly large number of web development companies seem allergic to coding. Many companies rely on easy-to-use page builders and all the issues that come with them.

With Oxygen developers that use Oxygen Builder, you don't have to settle for subpar code that could become a liability for your website and business. For us, nothing feels as good as clean code. This is one of several reasons using Oxygen Builder is a no-brainer for us.

Oxygen Builder allows Oxygen developers to start clean so they can finish that way. Because we use Oxygen to build a custom website from scratch, we get to control the code that goes into it. We avoid all the junk and inefficiencies of using external WordPress themes and quick solutions.

We don't have to put up with pre-existing code that we didn't write or figure out how to work with foreign code, and we don’t have to locate a pre-made plugin that adds even more bloat to implement new features.

HTML Semantic Tags, Done Right with Oxygen Builder

Anyone with basic knowledge of HMTL already knows what a life saver HTML semantic tags are. For those who don't, it's easy to explain. HTML semantic tags are informative placeholders that allow you to organize code visually and deliver critical information search engines need to understand your site and present it to your potential customers.

If you've ever looked at the source code of a site and seen <header> or <body>, then you've seen an HTML semantic tag. The text inside these tags doesn't impact your site except to help search engines find relevant info. These essential tags give developers and search engines an idea of where everything is and what it does.

It's impossible to overstate how vital these tags are. Even the best developers can get lost in their own code without these tags. This is especially the case if revisiting an old section after a few months.

If another developer tries to take over your project or site, they have to deal with the legacy code left over. If they can't read it, and the semantic tags or notes are all over the place, they're in for a nightmare. This is why we use Oxygen Builder and prioritize clean notes and tags that anyone can understand.

Using Oxygen Builder means we don't have to start a project with pre-written code that includes messy notes and missing semantic tags. This saves us tons of time having to troubleshoot what parts we have the ability to edit or change, and worrying about any changes that could completely break the site.

Oxygen Developers Use Oxygen Builder to Hit the SEO Sweet Spot

It's worth explaining how clean, efficient web development helps with SEO. Every small business website can benefit from effective SEO strategies, and the targeted traffic SEO efforts can deliver to your website. However, as we discussed, a website built from a template and packed with random add-ons will almost never perform well.

Oxygen Builder gives us the ability to comply with all of the SEO best practices. These include using alt tags and removing on-page errors from your site. We can also ensure we use headers properly and group the elements correctly.

Gaining Traction with Oxygen Builder

Many people don't realize that search engines crawl through the code on your websites. This is how they determine where your site should rank if someone searches for the right term. Two things help search engines decide this, one of which we mentioned earlier.

Your HTML semantic tags aren't just for your organization. They also help Google, among others, figure out if you're worthy of the front page. They check your tags to see what and where the critical content is.

Based on what info is in those sections, they efficiently weigh up your SEO rankings. They also look for signs of errors, redundancies, and inefficiencies. Any red flags that Google spots, whether noticeable on the user side of your site or not, are bad for your business and holding you back from getting the most out of your website.

Regardless of the design, A poorly developed website won't get good SEO traction. Because we are Oxygen developers and we use Oxygen Builder to keep our code clean and efficient, we avoid those issues. We make sure there are no errors and fix any that come up immediately.

We make sure that your site ranks higher for SEO, which means more traffic to your website and the ability to generate more revenue to help grow your business.

Oxygen Developers Make Lightning Fast Websites

A huge advantage we have as Oxygen developers is that we are able to get the absolute highest performance. If you check the Google PageSpeed Insights score for the sites we've worked on, you'll find them always in the strong 90s.

We can hit such high metrics because of our experience, skill, and our decision to equip our clients with websites developed with Oxygen Builder. Oxygen Builder helps keep our code clean and gives us perfect control over any media assets we incorporate. Google also cares about speed when it comes to SEO, so this is a huge bonus for any business, and it's not a common feature when looking at other WordPress page builders.

Keeping your website optimized is easier said than done, so it pays to understand how this is accomplished and to work with the right tools from the beginning.

Always Responsive and Excellent User Experience (UX)

Because we use Oxygen Builder, we can develop websites for all browsers and devices. This is regardless of screen size or the type of device being used to browse your website. We make sure everything scales right, and thanks to our clean code, any future modifications are easy to integrate.

The user experience (UX) is vital for the success of any business or its website. This means making sure that they can interact with your site and connect with you if need be. Chat services and support tickets and queries all require fast response times.

There's no room for lag, crashes, disconnects, or unresponsive interfaces. With Oxygen Builder, that all goes away. Our Oxygen developers ensure nothing gets in the way of bogging down what should always be a smooth and painless user experience.

Accessibility Never Takes a Back Seat

Your website is the face of your business, so you want to ensure that you can extend your best services through it.

Achieving an accessible website is possible for us thanks to Oxygen Builder. Developing pages that all ages and backgrounds can navigate and use becomes simple. Oxygen Builder allows Oxygen developers to create custom websites with scalable pages and use fonts suitable for readers with vision impairment.

We can also create contrast modes for color-blind users and add audio aids for the hearing impaired. The more inclusive you are to all your customers, the more users will appreciate your brand and return as loyal customers. Not only is this the right thing to do, but many businesses don’t understand that developing for accessibility opens your website to all audiences. This not only includes visitors with disabilities, but can also include visitors with temporary injuries, or visitors browsing your site from an outdated or defective device.

However, some businesses struggle to balance accessibility with good design. One of the most challenging aspects to balance for any developer is finding the perfect balance between a fantastic design and peak performance. Making an accessible website that's plain, laggy, and no one likes won't benefit anyone. Thanks to our Oxygen developers, you don't have to make that choice.

We can optimize your site to include all these accessibility features without any issues. This is only one of the many ways we can help you and your business stand out from the crowd by using Oxygen Builder to develop a high-performance website for your business.

Creating the Best Custom Website for Your Business with Oxygen Builder

Oxygen developers can build the best custom website on the internet. Any small business website would do well to pick a web development company that uses Oxygen Builder or a similar tool. Without using a tool of this caliber, making a responsive, accessible, and effective website becomes much harder. In many cases, it's impossible. Using page builders like Elementor, Divi, Wix, or Squarespace is an amateur mistake that won’t take your business very far, and you'll eventually benefit from investing in a professional website to help your business get the results you are looking for.

At Stack Mode, we know all about staying ahead of the competition. We live, breath, and code innovation and love helping businesses grow. To learn more about how we can push your business to new heights, don't hesitate to contact us or book a free strategy call.

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